Art Of Community Press Clippings

Well, the announcement of the book has been out for a day or so, and the response has been incredibly encouraging. Thanks again for your incredible support and such a warm welcome to my new baby.

In addition to your rather spiffing comments, there has been equally spiffing write-ups in the press. I just wanted to list a few pieces that I was really pleased with:

Ars Technica: Jono Bacon announces CC-licensed book project

“Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon has announced that he is writing a book about community building for tech publisher O’Reilly. The book will be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license so that members of the community can modify and redistribute the content.”

“His announcement has been met with enthusiasm by members of the open source software community, some of whom could appear in the book’s anecdote-driven narrative. It seems like a unique and innovative way to approach the topic”.

Creative Commons: The Art of Community – Stories and Tips for Community Building

“When released the book will be available in print from your favorite supplier of O’Reilly books and will also be available online under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Jono is a believer in Creative Commons licensing as can be seen from his music project Severed Fifth and the use of CC licenses for the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase. Adding this book to his repertoire of CC-licensed content shows just how far one person can go when embracing the ideals of Free Culture.”

OSTATIC: Building an Open Source Community? Help Is on the Way

“Management is tough all round, but managing open source projects is different still. Most developers are giving their time because the project interests them, and non-developers join because they find the project useful, and they want to share their enthusiasm. But a community not being any one remotely homogenous group means that passions sometimes run high, and it’s not always easy to keep a project’s community — it’s life — moving forward. It may have just gotten easier. Ubuntu’s Community Manager, Jono Bacon, announced his upcoming book, The Art of Community will be available later this year”.

Lets keep the train running. Keep spreading the word folks. Every blog entry, every tweet, every dent and every story counts. :)

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