Ton Roosendaal Contributing Content

Over the coming weeks I am going to be posting some updates on some of the people who have contributed content to the book, and some of the examples and stories that are featured. I think this will give you folks a definitive idea of the kind of content that is coming into the book.

One of the first people I interviewed for content was Ton Roosendaal from the Blender Foundation. Ton’s story is incredible and the Blender community is a tremendous place for creativity and growth. Ton has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to building a free suite for creating imagery and animation. This has in turn enabled a global community of people who can express their creativity without either (a) spending $2000 on software or (b) pirating the software and putting themselves at risk of prosecution. In the book I talk about the transition that Blender made when it was Open Sourced and how Ton made it happen.

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