Writing Update

Quick update on the writing progress of the book.

Well, this weekend I am working on wrapping up Chapter Five. I have written most of the chapter and I am part-way through a proof-read. The chapter is all about building promotion and buzz. I am also hoping to finish off some of the edits from Andy and Isabel on Chapter 3. When I have Chapter 5 complete, it will be time to roll onto Chapter 6, which is entirely focused on Measuring Community. I will have more details on what is going into that chapter over the coming week.

So far I am nearly half-way through the book, and progress has been pretty good. Still lots to do. When I write I tend to get my thoughts down in a primary draft and then start sheening the content up over a number of passes. I really want to ensure all the content in the AoC is balanced, well-written and illustrated with the right stories and examples. I have been having some people proof my first few chapters and the feedback has thus far been excellent. I am utterly committed to making this book rock and roll.

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