More Updates

Just wanted to throw out a few non-writing updates about the book.

Firstly, I am absolutely tickled pink that the Art Of Community Facebook Page now has 83 fans! We are growing, and thanks to every one of you who has become a fan. Your support of the project is fantastic!

Thanks also to Jim Grisanzio the Senior Program Manager for OpenSolaris Engineering for his rather kind post) about the Art Of Community:

“Jono Bacon at Ubuntu is writing a book on communities — The Art of Community. I’m looking forward to this book. And I’m glad he’s writing it from his view at Ubuntu. I’m trying to follow Ubuntu more lately. I don`t know too much about the community, but I met some Ubuntu guys in Tokyo a while back and I also met Jono at CommunityOne last year and found him to be a very cool guy”.

Jim has also started an OpenSolaris community discussion about the book and how useful it can be for their work.

This is exactly the kind of purpose I would love the Art Of Community to be used for: providing a a foundation for growing and sharpening new and pre-existing communities. I would like to welcome our new OpenSolaris friends to the Art Of Community website. :)

Also, thanks to Blender Nation for mentioning the book and Ton Roosendaal’s Interview involvement. :)

Finally, it seems that a bunch of people have been signing up to watch my Twitter Updates. I hope they prove useful to you, even if I tweet that I spilled a glass of wine all over my laptop. :)

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