Team AoC: Stuart Langridge

Behind the scenes, a number of people are helping make the Art Of Community as great a read as possible. This includes the editors, the O’Reilly marketing staff, people contributing thoughts and stories and more. One important group of people in this process are the proof readers. This is a set of people who I have asked to offer their thoughts and views on the content as it is written. They are there to not only ensure the content is as easy to understand as possible, but to ensure the material covers all the bases that they expect. They are each helping to make the Art Of Community great book. Over the coming weeks I want to share with you all some of these folks. You should go and high0five them, folks. :)

One of them is Stuart Langridge. Stuart is a well respect Javascript expert, information architect and web developer who works for Canonical Ltd. He is the author of a few books himself and is a regular contributor to Open Source projects. He is based in the West Midlands in England.

Stuart has more than a passing responsibility for proofing the book. As my best friend and fellow presenter in LugRadio, he has been demanding I write a book about community management for years. Many an evening was spent in my house, drinking tea and discussing many of the concepts in the book. Stuart helped me to run ideas and thoughts past him for input. He has been valuable part of my development as a community manager, and is the subject of a few stories in the book. His contributions have been excellent.

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