Team AoC: Ryan Paul (Ars Technica)

I am excited to announce another member of the team who is proof-reading the content that I am churning out in his general direction. His keen eye and expansive knowledge of Open Source is a positive influence on the book. Of course, it is Ryan Paul.

Ryan is the editor of Ars Technica‘s open source software articles. He has used Linux for over a decade and contributes code and documentation to several open source software projects. Ryan began his career as a tech journalist when he wrote his first magazine article at the age of 17. His articles have been featured by numerous publications, including NewsForge,, IT Managers Journal, Linux Pro Magazine, Tux Magazine, Linux Journal, and many others. He joined Ars Technica in 2005 and has authored over 1000 articles for the popular web site. Ryan is also the creator and lead developer of Gwibber, an open source microblogging client for the GNOME desktop environment. He lives in California with his pet, a programmable robotic penguin. When he is not creating open source software or writing articles about technology, Ryan spends his time stockpiling ammunition in preparation for the inevitable Roomba insurrection. Ryan likes science fiction novels, humorously captioned felines, anime, and surreal art.

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