Writing Update

Hi everyone. Just wanted to give you another quick update.

Writing is going well, and I just wrapped Chapter 5: Building Buzz. In addition to this I also merged in a bunch of comments from Stuart into Chapter 2 and it is feeling really tight. Today I am working on some edits from Andy and Isabel on Chapter 3 and then it is onto Chapter 6: Measuring Community. I am hoping to wrap Chapter 6 this week and will be well on schedule.

There is lots of other buzz building around the book. I can’t announce all of it yet, but I have some exciting interviews lined up which I am looking forward to featuring in the book. More news on this over the coming weeks. I am excited that people have been so responsive to contributing their experience and stories that I can merge into the content. It is all helping to make what I hope is a really interesting read.

I have also been chatting to a few people about how to spread the word of the book. Our Facebook group is growing like crazy, but I am keen to hear of ideas from you all about how we can let people know about the book.

More soon!

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