Inspiring Communities

As I continue work on the Art Of Community, I am providing many examples that illustrate the different concepts draped throughout the book. Many of these examples are of inspiring communities that are doing great work, are open and inclusive and have built a sense of passion and belonging in their members. Of course, I am by no means familiar with all communities, and I would love to hear your stories.

So, folks, which communities stand out in your mind as particularly inspiring when it comes to the following elements?

  • How productive they are.
  • How easy it is to get involved.
  • How exciting and enjoyable participation is.
  • How well the community is governed.

If you think of a community that you particularly admire, do share some comments on each of the above attributes. Also, to be clear: I am also really interested in non-tech communities. If you have comments about political groups, youth organisations, welfare communities etc, do share them too. :)

Thanks everyone!

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