The Train Keeps On Rolling

Hello everyone! Firstly, I just want to say a huge thank you to you all for your continued support of the Art Of Community. We are seeing some fantastic interest in the project and I am really happy to see that our own community here is growing so well. We already have hundreds of unique visitors checking the website daily and hundreds more subscribed to the RSS feeds. I have also seen extensive growth in interest in the Twitter and feeds.

We have seen some excellent discussion on the website too. JoshPanter, amaneiro, Florian, Marc, Blaise, Malcolm, Milo and others have been regularly weighing in with great thoughts and insight for the book. We have heard of your inspiring communities, your thoughts on buzz, the possibility of the Art Of Community being used as a course book and many more contributions.

Writing is going well. I am hoping to have the chapter on Measuring Community wrapped over the next few days. I will then be working on some edits to the current chapters, merging in some new content, and then I will start work on the next chapter: Governance. This is a large and important subject and I am keen to hear your views, so stay tuned!

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