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Hello all! Firstly I apologise for the lack of updates recently on the Art Of Community. The reason for this is simple: I have been feverishly working on the book! It turns out that with my normal busy schedule as Ubuntu Community Manager, work on the book and keeping the website up to date, something […]

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Governance Stories

As I write about governance, I would love to hear your stories about the following: An example of how a governance body has engaged really well with its community. An example of how a governance body has inspired a community. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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On Governance

This post was originally posted at You can read it here While writing a chapter on governance for the Art Of Community, I kick off the chapter with the wonderful story of how Mike Basinger, a volunteer who has never worked for Canonical Ltd, has been able to serve on two of the most […]

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Interview With Andy Oram, Editor of AoC

One of the forces behind the Art Of Community coming together is Andy Oram, a senior editor at O’Reilly. At O’Reilly, he specializes in open source, editing the first books put out by an American publisher on Linux and such ground-breaking works as “Peer to Peer” and “Intellectual Property and Open Source”. He is also […]

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Art Of Community: The Bookmark

Friends, I just wanted to share a rather cool snippet of news with you. O’Reilly have produced some bookmarks for the book which are going to distributed at conferences. I just wanted to share with you what it will look like: A bigger version is available here. Those of you who are going to be […]

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