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Painting The Community Manager

This post was originally posted at You can read it here Recently the tubes have been ablaze with chatter of where the somewhat popular topic of community management should fit into an organisation. When the coin is flipped, said chatterers have been debating whether to place their bets on either Marketing and Engineering as […]

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Writing Update

Another quick writing update. Today I wrapped the first draft of the chapter on Conflict Resolution. This takes my total page count 248 so far. I have two shortish chapters left to finish and then I should be finished with my first drafts. Its then onto the edits and getting the raw material refined, shined […]

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Interview with AoC Editor, Simon St. Laurent

For the last few months Simon St. Laurent has had his feet firmly wedged into the primary editing boots for the Art Of Community. With an extensive background in community and a nose for helping to produce great writing, Simon has been helping take my stream of consciousness and refining it. I caught up with […]

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Two New Interviews

Just a quick note on a few interviews I have done recently about community management: OSTATIC LinuxQuestions More Art Of Community updates coming soon!

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Writing Update

Hi folks. I just wanted to provide another quick update on the production of the Art Of Community. Writing is going well and I am coming in on the home stretch with the book. I am most of the way through the Events chapter and then I will be moving onto the last of the […]

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