Celeste Lyn Paul Shares Some Stories

I am delighted to add to the roster another person who has contributed few stories to the Art Of Community.

This time it is Celeste Lyn Paul, a senior interaction architect at User-Centered Design, Inc. Celeste helps make software easier to use by understanding the user’s work processes and designing interactive systems to fit their needs. She is also involved in open source software and leads the KDE Usability Project, mentors for the OpenUsability Season of Usability program, and serves on the Kubuntu Council.

Celeste contributed some her stories to the Measuring Community chapter in a section that explores the value of observational tests in improving how communities can work better together. Celeste performs excellent work in trying to understand how to make computers easier, and with the running theme of simplicity cascading through the book, her thoughts offer some valuable insight to the Art Of Community.

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