Writing Update

Another quick writing update. Today I wrapped the first draft of the chapter on Conflict Resolution. This takes my total page count 248 so far. I have two shortish chapters left to finish and then I should be finished with my first drafts. Its then onto the edits and getting the raw material refined, shined ad buffed. I am really happy with the material as it stands today and it can only get better. :)

As I get to the end of the primary writing phase of the project and hen embark on the editing phase and we are also beginning to make some plans around other attributes of the book such as the cover, how this website fits in and marketing considerations. Exciting times! I also have some more interview content and other content to come to artofcommunityonline.org. I have put that on hold for a few weeks though while I wrap the rest of the book. Stay tuned for more juicy details as they develop. :)

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