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Art Of Community Facebook Page Updated

Just a quick update to let you nice people know that the Art Of Community Facebook Page has been updated! Go and take a look and you are all welcome to join in the discussion there. We are getting a rather nice growing community there, but we can always be bigger. As such, I would […]

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Nearly Two Hundred Pages Old

Ladies and Gents, I have some rather exciting news to share with you! This evening I decided to take a quick look through the chapters I have completed to see how many pages of content I have written so far. I am pleased to report that I am just about to hit the 200 page […]

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Celeste Lyn Paul Shares Some Stories

I am delighted to add to the roster another person who has contributed few stories to the Art Of Community. This time it is Celeste Lyn Paul, a senior interaction architect at User-Centered Design, Inc. Celeste helps make software easier to use by understanding the user’s work processes and designing interactive systems to fit their […]

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Art Of Community hits

Just a quick update: O’Reilly has added the Art Of Community to their website. Nice! Do remember though that the cover shown on the website is not going to be the final cover!

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