Art Of Community Sub-title Confirmed

As we move forward in the development process, there are a range of different decisions to be made: one such being the sub-title for the book. This is the key piece of information that should intrigue and tempt readers to the book and say something about the general focus and direction of the book.

As you can probably imagine, I had a number of ideas around this, some sensible and some outrageous. Well, I am pleased to announce the confirmed sub-title for the book:

The Art Of Community: Building the New Age of Participation

I think the sub-title speaks of the forward thinking nature of the book and the key essence of community: building participation.

Rock and roll. :)

One Response to “Art Of Community Sub-title Confirmed”

  1. Amber Graner April 10, 2009 at 12:42 am #

    I like the subtitle. It is definitely a new age of participation. When my husband started working with Linux and the community, in the early ’90’s, I would have never felt welcome to participate as a non-technical, non-developer. Now especially with Ubuntu and the community that surrounds it [Ubuntu] this [community atmosphere] ushers in a wave of new comers that feel welcomed to join and add to the community conversation without feeling intimidated to ask for help, voice their likes (or dislikes) and offer suggestions. This is a remarkable evolution of the community mindset.

    Again, I like the subtitle, keep up the great work…..:)

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