Editing Update

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to give you another quick update on the book.

We are currently knee deep in the editing phase and Simon has completed his primary edits on the chapters and I have merged nearly all of them in. Andy is now working his way through the chapters one by one to add his comments and notes and I am merging them in. As each chapter has Simon and Andy’s edits merged in I have been sending them off to reviewers. I have already had the first few chapters returning with review comments, and they are looking great. I then review the review comments and merge them in. My goal is to have all of Andy’s and Simon’s edits merged in over the coming week or so and to begin merging the reviewing comments in earnest preferably around the beginning of May. Busy days!

In other news I announced the Community Leadership Summit 2009 and I will be doing a special live video-cast which will feature an *Art Of Community update on Wed 15th April 2009 at 11am Pacific Time. This is my first foray into live video-casting and you can watch it in your web browser. You can watch it here.

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