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Amazon Applies Discounts

Thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered The Art Of Community on Amazon so far. I am pleased to report that thanks to your wonderful folks, Amazon have applied some discounts to the book in their different international stores. This is making The Art Of Community and the ability for people to support the project […]

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Art Of Community on Kindle?

A lot of people have been asking me if The Art Of Community will be available for the Amazon Kindle. I asked O’Reilly and there is a reasonable likelihood it will, but no confirmation yet. So, Kindle fans, is that the end of the story? Well, no… Its time to vote with your feet. Or […]

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First Review Of The Art Of Community Draft

Amber Graner gained press attention for her adventure of joining the Open Source community and writing a series of frank and to-the-point blog entries sharing her experience. Based upon her honesty and passion for learning about community, I was keen to ask her to review the book and offer some comments on the content. Well, […]

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Website Buttons Ahoy!

Kings and queens of the Internet, I have just put online a bunch of website buttons for spreading the word about The Art Of Community. You can go and see them over on this page. As an example, you can put this lovely specimen on your website: with the following code: <a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Art […]

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Website Feedback Needed!

As we build to the launch of The Art Of Community, I am really keen to make the most out of I am excited about the opportunity of not only building the website into a more expansive information portal about the book, but to also provide discussion and facilities about community management, leadership and […]

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