Editing Update

Hi everyone. After a few weeks in England at the Ubuntu release sprint and then a week’s holiday, I am now back home and I just wanted to check in with some updates on The Art Of Community writing process.

Things are going well and I am currently knee-deep in the editing process. I have now merged in all of the excellent edits and notes from my primary editors Andy Oram and Simon St. Laurent and the book has gone out to a series of reviewers. These reviewers include Stuart Langridge, Stephen Walli and Amber Graner. I also have a number of other reviewers on the cards ready to offer comments on the content. They will be getting the content over the coming days.

I am feeling psyched the book! The comments so far have been very positive and the review notes have been really insightful and useful. A significant reason why a review happens is to ensure that different perspectives are catered for well. As an example, Stephen Walli comes from a strong background in Open Source in business and his comments are valuable in ensuring the book is useful to that demographic. On the other hand, Amber Graner who has been getting her feet wet in the Open Source world has been an excellent source of insight from the perspective of a newcomer to community. With this content to hand, the following few weeks are largely about tweaks, clarifications and minor structural changes to reflect these comments. This is all about buffing up the content so it as smooth and refined as possible ready for it to be delivered to your eyeballs, post-haste!

Finally, so you lovely people are all aware, I am going to be moving www.artofcommunityonline.org to a new server soon. The current server has been running rather slow as it services a number of other websites. As such, there may be a little downtime over the coming week.

Right, back to the grindstone. Thanks for your continued support, folks!

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