First Review Of The Art Of Community Draft

Amber Graner gained press attention for her adventure of joining the Open Source community and writing a series of frank and to-the-point blog entries sharing her experience. Based upon her honesty and passion for learning about community, I was keen to ask her to review the book and offer some comments on the content. Well, she has just written up a rather nice blog entry:

Jono Bacon’s latest book, The Art of Community – ROCKS!

A few weeks ago I was given the awesome opportunity to review The Art of Community. I was surprised, excited, and humbled. However, as I read each chapter I realized that whether it is an Open Source Community, a Parent Teacher Group, or a Church Group, or your favorite book club, this book has something for you. Communities are Communities!

Some people know, I am new to both the Ubuntu and Open Source communities, yet through my life I have had opportunities to be part of other communities and I wish I had The Art of Community then. My participation and learning process would have been a bit easier. However, my learning process just got a little smoother.

The Art of Community will take you to the heart of what it takes to be part of, govern, deal with conflict and even what to look for in a community manager. Each chapter flows into the next, yet if you want to focus on a single topic, such as Creating Buzz or Events, each chapter will work well as a stand-alone guide.

The Art of Community will take you, as it did me, on your own personal journey through the most common themes of community such as “Where do I start?” “What do I do now that I am part of a community?” “How do I plan an event?” “I have a problem, now what?” “I want to start a team how do I?” – just to name of few. The Art of Community answers these questions and much, much, more.

Ready for the definitive community howto book? Then The Art of Community is for you. So what are you waiting for order now. Click here. If you pre-order don’t forget to add the “I have pre-ordered” to your websites, and blogs!

I just wanted to give you a hint at what to expect. I found each chapter to be a trigger for all sorts of ideas. The wheels are turning and smoke is coming out of my ears. Ok, there is no smoke, but I was overwhelmed out the amount of information that Jono has assembled into this book. I hope you will find it as exciting and useful as I have and will continue to! Enjoy!

Amber is one of the few people to have read the full draft of the book cover to cover, and as such, this is the very first review. Thanks so much for your kind words, Amber!

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