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Community Leadership Summit 2009 Update

A while back I announced the Community Leadership Summit 2009 in San Jose on the 18th and 19th July 2009. Well, I think it is time for lil’ update on what is shaping up to be a rocking event. The aim of the summit is get community managers, leaders and organizers together to discuss, debate […]

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Art Of Community Reviews Galore!

Recently I have been sending The Art Of Community manuscript out to a number of people who are well respected in various communities to get there feedback on the completed book. With the content complete and the only changes being tiny typo fixes, now has been the idea time to gather this feedback. How was […]

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First Copy-Edit Complete

Quick update! Today I was booked off work to complete the first copy-edit of The Art of Community. What this mean’t for me is that I have just read the whole book again. I am pleased to report that it is looking good! Now the chapters are back with my copy-editor and then they head […]

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Leo Laporte Confirmed To Write The AoC Foreword

Ladies and gents, I am pleased to confirm that Leo Laporte has been confirmed as the author of the foreward for the The Art of Community. Recently I have been joining Leo Laporte and Randal Schwartz on FLOSSWeekly as a presenter, and Leo confirmed live on air a few days back that would be “honoured […]

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Well folks I just wanted to give you a quick update on the book. Things have been a little quiet on the website as I have spent the last few weeks in Barcelona with work, and the few weeks before that was preparing for said work trip. Thankfully, I am back now and I can […]

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