Leo Laporte Confirmed To Write The AoC Foreword

Ladies and gents, I am pleased to confirm that Leo Laporte has been confirmed as the author of the foreward for the The Art of Community. Recently I have been joining Leo Laporte and Randal Schwartz on FLOSSWeekly as a presenter, and Leo confirmed live on air a few days back that would be “honoured to write the foreward for The Art of Community”.

Leo has created, hosted, and contributed to a number of technology-related broadcasting projects. He created and co-hosted Dvorak On Computers in January 1991 (co-hosted with computer pundit John Dvorak), and hosted Laporte On Computers on KGO Radio and KSFO in San Francisco. In addition, Leo also hosted Internet! on PBS, and The Personal Computing Show on CNBC. In 1997 he earned an Emmy Award for his work on MSNBC’s The Site, a daily Monday through Saturday hour-long newsmagazine he helped create and appeared on in the role of a computer-generated character named Dev Null. In 1998, he created and co-hosted The Screen Savers and the original version of Call for Help on the cable and satellite network ZDTV (later TechTV). Leo was the host of the daily television show The Lab with Leo Laporte, recorded in Vancouver, Canada. He also hosts a weekend technology-oriented talk radio program show titled Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy. The show, once an exclusive to KFI AM 640 (Los Angeles), is now syndicated on more than 60 North American radio stations through Premiere Radio Networks, and on XM Satellite Radio. Leo appears semi-regularly on Showbiz Tonight, Live with Regis and Kelly, World News Now, and briefly with Bill Handel on Friday mornings on KFI. He has also been a guest technology expert on numerous talk radio programs in local markets across the U.S. and Canada.

These days Leo currently owns and operates a netcast network, TWiT.tv. The name is derived from the network’s award winning, flagship podcast This WEEK in TECH, or TWiT, which is hosted by Leo along with a rotating panel of guests usually made up of several other former TechTV employees. This show remains one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes and other podcast subscription services, as evidenced by winning an award at the November 2005 Podcasting Expo in California for the year’s best podcast and by its over 280,000 weekly downloads. Some of his other netcasts include Security Now! with Steve Gibson, MacBreak and MacBreak Weekly, both hosted in a fashion similar to TWiT, The Daily Giz Wiz with Dick DeBartolo, Munchcast with Cammy Blackstone, Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, FLOSS Weekly, net@nite with Amber MacArthur, and Roz Rows The Pacific (launched June 3, 2008).

As part of this work Leo has created a remarkable community around his broadcasting. Known as the TWiT Army, Leo has worked hard to build a loyal following and provided many of the resources required to foster and grow that community. I am confident that his experience, wit and commentary on community will make for a fantastic foreword for The Art of Community.

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