Well folks I just wanted to give you a quick update on the book. Things have been a little quiet on the website as I have spent the last few weeks in Barcelona with work, and the few weeks before that was preparing for said work trip. Thankfully, I am back now and I can let you know where things stand.

Well, on the flight over to Barcelona I wrapped up the draft manuscript for The Art of Community! With two fully-charged batteries, plenty of coffee and virtually no legroom I ploughed on to finish merging in the awesome comments from my reviewers, and when I landed I sent the full book off to O’Reilly. A few glasses were chinked that night, I can assure you!

The following few weeks (while I was on the work trip) was fairly quiet on my end as the book had been sent off to the copy-editors for a detailed word-by-word check. This is being done by one Genevieve d’Entremont, complete with awesome film-noir name and a flair for finding typos and tightening sentence structure. She sent me back all the chapters a few days ago and I have started reading the entire book again and tending to her comments. I have also booked tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday off work to focus on these copy-edits and I expect to have them all completed by Tuesday. At that point the book will be basically complete from my side and will then go off to the typesetters to make it look purty.

So folks, that is where we stand right now. I also just want to say a huge thanks to all the support you have been giving me on here and Twitter / identi.ca: you are all awesome! And thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered from Amazon for supporting the project!

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