Art Of Community Reviews Galore!

Recently I have been sending The Art Of Community manuscript out to a number of people who are well respected in various communities to get there feedback on the completed book. With the content complete and the only changes being tiny typo fixes, now has been the idea time to gather this feedback. How was the response? Well, I am stunned, see for yourself:

“The Internet provides the potential to separate us into a cacophony of discordant voices or to congregate us as purpose-driven communities. Jono Bacon, in his insightful The Art of Community, teaches the latter path, detailing the principles of successful community-building in a way that will appeal to both neophyte and expert alike. Given the increasingly critical role of community managers in the technology industry and beyond, The Art of Community should find a place on any businessperson’s bookshelf, not to mention that of the PTA president, book club organizer, or union activist. Yes, it’s that good”.

— Matt Asay, Alfresco and C|NET

“Jono Bacon truly understands communities–and more importantly, how to build communities that thrive. This is the definitive guidebook to building successful communities–definitive because it is based on Jono’s extensive experience as community manager for Ubuntu, a product that inspires an Apple-esque devotion in very large part because of its vast and dedicated community. For developers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to tap into the power of community, as Ubuntu has done so masterfully, this book is a must-read”.

— Ian Murdock, founder of Debian and Vice President of Emerging Platforms at Sun

“In the age of participation, there is no better tour guide than Jono Bacon. The Art of Community teaches leaders how to increase collaboration and authenticity to build belonging. This isn’t just for technology leaders; anyone who wants to harness community for their cause should read this book.”

— Amanda McPherson, The Linux Foundation

“In Art of Community, Jono “Community” Bacon once again shows that his nom de guerre is apropos. He breaks down the soft science of community management in a way few others could. Jono fundamentally understands the soft science that is community management. With his trademark British humor, he deftly explores the intricacies and subtleties of his trade, while weaving a story that is both entertaining and informative. In The Art of Community, Jono combines his deep knowledge of community with his trademark British humor. The result is both informative and entertaining, and is a must read for those looking to better understand the soft science that is community management”.

— Jeremy Garcia, Founder of

“Jono Bacon, in The Art of Community, takes you on a personal journey to the heart of what it takes to have and become part of a productive and well-oiled community”.

— Amber Graner, Ubuntu Community Member


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