Editing Update

After a crazy few weeks I am pleased to get online and deliver another heart-pounding slam-dunking rip-roaring update with a bee-line for your peepers. It has been a hectic time recently but work is going really well on the book. A few weeks back I received a PDF of the book fully type-set, and it looks a little like this:

In addition to this O’Reilly sent me a hardcopy of the book that I could use for editing. This may sound a little unusual coming from a computer guy, but I much prefer to do my QC editing using paper and pens. In the QC1 and QC2 stages I read the entire book again, check everything is laid out correctly, look for small errors, and fix other issues. To do this I bought some special little pens with mini sticky labels that I can put on the edge of the pages and then highlight with the pen. It looks a little like this:

When I have been through and edited the book, I then copy the changes into an email and sent it on to O’Reilly. The main reason why I take this more manual approach is that it is less wearing on the eyes when compared to reading on a screen. It is also great for long plane rides: paper needs no batteries. :-)

Today I am wrapping up these QC1 edits and then I will submit them tonight. In a week or so we then hit the QC2 phase where there is another read of the book to get any last minute gotchas. While this is going on some other elements are being tended to by The Art Of Community team such as the back cover copy, index, dedication, page of review quotes, and merging in the excellent Foreword that I received from Leo Laporte a few weeks back.

So, all in all it is coming together rather nicely. Then, when the book is complete, we can start the big push to get the book in the hands of every community that we can find.

This has been a long slog, and thanks again to all of you wonderful people for all the encouragement. I am feeling pumped about The Art Of Community, and I am sure it will really help bring good to your communities. :-)

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