Chapter 1 Released

Folks, I am proud to announce the release of what is likely to be the final version of the first chapter of The Art Of Community.

In this chapter I lay the foundations of the book, talk through some of the underlying elements around collaboration, belonging, opportunities, the driving forces in community, and set the tone for the rest of the book. While this is only 26 pages out of 350+ in the book, and is more introductory than hands-on, it should give you a decent idea of the lay of the land.

Go and download Chapter 1 here, let me know your thoughts and do tweet / dent / blog / talk / squawk about it. For those of you who use IRC, I will also be hanging out in #artofcommunity on Freenode. come and join us. :-)

Also, I am going to be looking for reviews of the chapter (you can see reviews of the wider book here) – if you would like to write a review, please either add it to this entry as a comment or mail me at jono AT jonobacon DOT org with your review. Please include your name and organization/project. Thanks!

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