Two More Reviews

Two more reviews of The Art Of Community. First from Mark Hinkle:

“Communities are very complex ecosystems of human beings. Cultivating, growing, shaping and guiding the community to make them productive is definitely as much (or even more) art as science. In ‘The Art of Community’ Bacon does an excellent job explaining in detail the considerations for managing and cultivating a healthy open source community. He provides a blueprint for developing and maintaining an open source community in a programmatic way and his attention to detail and understanding of the dynamics of communities make this book an invaluable resource for anyone looking to build and maintain a community. Drawing from his own extensive experience, Bacon does a great job of explaining how to help foster a community and provides great advice ranging from choosing infrastructure, measuring growth and even hiring a community manager. All and all a must-read for any community manager”.

— Mark R. Hinkle, Vice President of Community, Zenoss Inc.

Secondly, from Seif Lotfy:

“As a rock solid book “The Art of Community” is not only about communities, but also management, organization and even marketing – it is the bible for community leadership. This book should have been out a long time ago and reading through the chapters made me reflect on almost every important situation I had to face with teams, from conflicts all the way to handling buzz. It would have helped solve some of the issues I was stuck in much faster then I did (although all the issues solved in the end were exactly how Jono described it). I am eager to apply more of this wisdom on the current projects I am involved in”.

— Seif Lotfy, GNOME Foundation, Zeitgeist Co-Founder and Team Leader

Thanks, Mark and Seif!

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