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Free Art of Community Book For Approved Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Recently I announced my brand spanking new book The Art of Community and so far the reception has been fantastic! Thanks to everyone who has been spreading the news about the book – continue to do your good thang! Well, I am a firm believer that you should look after your own family, and I […]

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Art of Community Online Rockstars

Just a quick note. As promised at the beginning of the development of The Art of Community, I was going to send a free signed copy of the book to those who contributed the most comments throughout the book’s development. Well, this is the final list of rockstars: amaneiro (28) JoshPanter (26) Nathan Handler (13) […]

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The Art of Community Now Available

After months of writing, editing, copy-editing, reviews and production, I am pleased to announce the general availability of The Art of Community! The book is printed and on its way to bookstores – it may take a few days for it to hit your local bookstore or regional online store. This is a book that […]

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Today a Package Arrived…

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The Art of Community hits the Kindle

Sent by the always wonderous Mike Basinger: The Art of Community is now available on the Kindle. Kindle fans, go and buy it and don’t forget to review the book!

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