OSCON Talks and Free Books

Tomorrow I will be doing two talks at OSCON in Portland. The details and the blurbs:

  • The Future Of Community9.05am in the Portland Ballroom – In recent years collaborative communities have revolutionized how we consume and create information for each other. In this new keynote, Jono Bacon, author of The Art of Community, founder of the Community Leadership Summit and award-winning Community Manager for the global Ubuntu community, talks about the new opportunities and challenges we face in understanding the art and science of community leadership. His keynote will continue in his other OSCON session A New Era Of Community.
  • A New Era Of Community10.40am in E145 – In this new talk from Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, author of The Art Of Community, and founder of the Community Leadership Summit, he discusses the changing state of community management, and what opportunities and challenges lay ahead for this young science. Bacon will cover the history of community management, it’s early leaders and innovations, and how the science of understand and growing collaborative behaviour is solidifying and changing with the advent of new technologies, social norms, and cultural challenges. Bacon will also cover the direct business opportunities for harnessing this new science, and some of the risks and pitfalls associated with it. If you are interested in community, community management or harnessing community in your project or business, be sure to attend this session.

For the latter talk, I will be giving out some free print copies of The Art of Community, 1st Edition. Be sure to come along!

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