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Four Steps Toward a Successful Open Source Project

Carla Schroder has written an excellent piece entitled Four Steps Toward a Successful Open Source Project in which The Art of Community is featured. Carla specifically outlines the focus on social capital in the book. Thanks, Carla!

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The Art of Community Video Update – Episode #1

To keep you good folks abreast on the latest updates about the new second edition that I am writing, I am going to start doing some video updates. Here is the first one: Do let me know what you think in the comments.

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Community Leadership Summit 2011

Reposted from Thanks to Reid Beels for the photo. A few weeks ago was the Community Leadership Summit 2011 in beautiful Portland, Oregon. For those who are unfamiliar with the event, I started the CLS three years ago to be the central meeting place for those who are passionate about community leadership and management […]

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Managing and Tracking Work Chapter Largely Complete

With the second edition writing process planned I started by writing the first big new chapter addition; Managing and Tracking Work. After a fairly ferocious writing period the chapter is now looking pretty good and weighing in currently at around 35 pages. This figure will likely change as we get into the editing process and […]

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Video Interview After Community Leadership Summit 2011

Last weekend on the Sunday after a long, exhausting, but successful Community Leadership Summit 2011, I did an interview with David Mertz from IBM developerWorks. Here is the video:

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