Managing and Tracking Work Chapter Largely Complete

With the second edition writing process planned I started by writing the first big new chapter addition; Managing and Tracking Work.

After a fairly ferocious writing period the chapter is now looking pretty good and weighing in currently at around 35 pages. This figure will likely change as we get into the editing process and start refining the raw material there.

The chapter talks about the importance of being able to structure your work in such a way that you can track progress at the project level, work unit level, and work item level. The chapter outlines approaches for how to develop this work plan, execute it, visualize progress, and how to communicate effectively to different stakeholders (such as your community, and for professional community managers, how to communicate to management and senior management). The chapter also talks about how to align your progress tracking with the needs of other stakeholders as well as how to track growth and decline and general community health.

This is very much a first cut of the chapter and I am now giving it a first proof edit. Things are looking pretty solid.

I am keen to learn more from you folks about your experiences of how you track your work and progress and communicate this to different stakeholders. What are your approaches and what do you feel are the most important elements of tracking progress and accomplishments in your work?

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