Second Edition Community Interviews: Linus Torvalds

For the second edition of The Art of Community I am going to be including a series of short interviews dispersed throughout the book with people who have been at the forefront of different types of community. These interviews provide additional perspective, interesting context, and help to illustrate other ideas and experience on how we can build great communities.

I will be announcing who is participating in these interviews over the coming weeks, but I am pleased to announce that the first person I have interviewed is Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, and arguably the father of much of the Linux movement.

In his interview I ask him how Linux got started, how he has dealt with the sheer growth of his community, his views on governance, and the lessons he has learned over the years. It makes for some fantastic reading and I look forward to you all checking it out when the second edition is released next year!

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