Second Edition Community Interviews: Mårten Mickos

Hot on the trail of yesterday’s confirmation of Linus Torvalds, I am delighted to announce that Mårten Mickos will also be contributing an interview to the second edition of The Art of Community. Mårten was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MySQL AB, senior vice president of the database group at Sun Microsystems, is a member of the board of Mozilla Messaging and RightScale, and Entrepreneur In Residence at Benchmark Capital. Currently he is CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, the company behind the Eucalyptus open-source cloud infrastructure.

Mårten brings many years of experience of working in a senior role in companies that have a close relationship with a collaborative community. He has shared his thoughts on the opportunity of community for companies, how companies and can communities work together, how to meet the needs of both corporate and community stakeholders, how to balance community relations as a company grows, and what to look for in a community manager.

I look forward to sharing his thoughts in the second edition of The Art of Community!

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