Website Updates

This weekend I made a raft of updates to the website that I wanted to share.

Video Updates – the main new addition is a page that collects together the video updates. There have been two video updates so far (there will be a third one this week), and you can see each video with a single click from that page.

About The Book – this page has been re-written and shortened, and the Second Edition updates are now summarized on there too. Also included are links to the social networking resources for The Art of Community and contact details for press.

Reviews – the reviews page now includes quick links to each of the different reviews. This makes it much easier to navigate the reviews as the list grows.

About The Author and About The Editors – these pages have been cleaned up, simplified, and re-factored.

If there are any other parts of the site that you would like to see updated, do let me know!

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