Second Edition Community Interviews: Tim O’Reilly from O’Reilly Media

Joining Linus Torvalds (Linux), Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), MÃ¥rten Mickos (MySQL/Eucalyptus), and Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons), I pleased to announce the next interview I will be featuring in the second edition of The Art of Community.

Tim O’Reilly is the founder of O’Reilly Media, a diverse company with a goal to spread the knowledge of innovators. O’Reilly started doing this via the publication of books (The Art of Community is published by O’Reilly), many of which are the best known books in the technology field. O’Reilly has since diversified into conferences (e.g. OSCON, Strata, TOC, Velocity, and Where), organizing the popular FooCamp gathering of leading minds in the industry, and with their O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures firm.

Tim O’Reilly has also been seen as a thought leader on change and innovation in technology. He was a driver in the adoption of Web 2.0 and has been a proponant of social media, and particularly Twitter.

In his insightful interview for The Art of Community I talk to Tim about social media, how he discovered it, how he sees the disruptive potential of it, how it has affected his work and communities, and how he manages it in his life. I look forward to sharing Tim’s thoughts with you soon!

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