Second Edition Community Interviews: Mark Bussler, Classic Game Room

Joining Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux), Mike Shinoda (creator of Linkin Park), Tim O’Reilly (founder of O’Reilly Media), Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia), Mårten Mickos (former MySQL CEO, current Eucalyptus CEO), and Mike Linksvayer (VP of Creative Commons), I am pleased to announce the next interview I will be featuring in the second edition of The Art of Community.

Veteran filmmaker and game journalist Mark Bussler is the executive producer, director and head writer for the Classic Game Room (CGR) video game review show and series of videos which debuted in 1999 and have aired on YouTube since February 2008. Classic Game Room now boasts a family of channels with over 315 million video views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Fans that enjoy Bussler’s laid-back and entertaining look at modern and retro video games connect with the show through the CGR web site and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Originally launched in 1999, Classic Game Room was the first classic video game review show on the Internet and developed a cult following before its cancellation in late 2000 due lack to of funding. During the years between the show’s original cancellation and its relaunch on YouTube, Bussler produced and directed numerous feature documentaries for DVD, HDTV and television.

Mark has provided a facinating interview, and I look forward to sharing it with you all in the second edition of The Art of Community!

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