The Art of Community 2nd Edition Update

I just wanted to provide a quick update about the second edition of The Art of Community and the progress that is being made.

After a fast and furious month of writing and editing, the two new chapters (Managing and Tracking Work and Social Media) are now completed. I have also been through and added a number of additional chunks of extra content and information throughout the book. Some highlights include:

  • In Chapter 2 we now also discuss methods of generating revenue to financially support your community.
  • Additions to Chapter 7 for how to coordinate event attendance, create effective presentations, and deliver great talks.
  • Discussion in Chapter 8 about how to react to community concerns in a structured and feedback-orientated way.
  • I added a number of additional conflict and relationship scenarios to Chapter 11 and how to handle them.
  • A significant new addition to Chapter 12 for how to create a community summit, using the Ubuntu Developer Summit as an outline.

Finally, I now have 12 interviews that are part of the new Community Casebook chapter. I will be announcing each of these interviews in a dedicated news story here on over the coming weeks. The interviews are absolutely fascinating and provide great lessons and stories in the book.

Right now I am finalizing the content and then on the 15th Feb the book will go to O’Reilly for copy-editing and will go through the entire book with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything is looking solid.

In the meantime I am also starting to put together the press plan for publicizing the second edition. If you are a journalist who would like to cover the book, please get in touch with me.

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More soon!

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