About The Editors

The Art of Community has a wonderful staff of editors and proof readers who help to ensure the content is simple to pick up and flows as smoothly as possible.

Current Editor

Andy Oram

Editor for First and Second Edition.

Andy Oram, an editor for the technical publisher and information provider O’Reilly Media, has also been writing articles on technology and its social implications since the mid-1990s (see more).

At O’Reilly, he specializes in open source, editing the first books put out by an American publisher on Linux and such ground-breaking works as “Peer to Peer” and “Intellectual Property and Open Source”. He is also interested in providing better education for online communities, an issue he has researched here.

A long-time member of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, he has worked with several organizations to promote socially progressive political positions in areas touching on Internet use, information sharing, and technological development.

Andy’s Personal Website

Proof Readers

Thanks also to Amber Graner and Stephen Walli for providing proof reading services for botht he First and Second Editions of the book.

Previous Editors

Simon St. Laurent

Editor for the First Edition.

Simon St. Laurent is a computer book author and editor living in Dryden, NY. His books include Learning Rails, XML: A Primer, Cookies, and Office 2003 XML. He spent the last four years chairing the Dryden Democratic Committee, and has retired from that to focus on his wife, baby, ducks, chickens, rabbits, bees, dogs, and sometimes work. You can find his writing on everything from technology to Quakerism to life in Dryden to gardening to New York State politics aggregated at www.simonstl.com.

Isabel Kunkle

Editor for the First Edition.

Isabel Kunkle is an assistant editor at O’Reilly Media, working with Andy Oram to edit books about technology and social change, open-source software, and other subjects; she also handles books on Mac OS X and game development.

She currently lives in Cambridge, MA, where she divides her non-working time between fiction writing, martial arts, and video games.