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Second Edition Community Interviews: Linus Torvalds

For the second edition of The Art of Community I am going to be including a series of short interviews dispersed throughout the book with people who have been at the forefront of different types of community. These interviews provide additional perspective, interesting context, and help to illustrate other ideas and experience on how we […]

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The Art of Community Video Update – Episode #1

To keep you good folks abreast on the latest updates about the new second edition that I am writing, I am going to start doing some video updates. Here is the first one: Do let me know what you think in the comments.

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Managing and Tracking Work Chapter Largely Complete

With the second edition writing process planned I started by writing the first big new chapter addition; Managing and Tracking Work. After a fairly ferocious writing period the chapter is now looking pretty good and weighing in currently at around 35 pages. This figure will likely change as we get into the editing process and […]

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Chris Anderson Confirmed For 2nd Ed. Foreword

Forewords are an important consideration when writing any kind of book. The foreword should set the stage for the body of work, and the author passes a strong endorsement for the book. For the first edition of The Art of Community, Leo Laporte, founder and chief broadcaster for the TWiT Network provided the foreword. Leo’s […]

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The Art of Community Second Edition Confirmed

In August 2009, my book, The Art of Community was published. After a rigorous writing schedule I was delighted to see it finally hit the (real and e-) bookshelves. As part of the agreement with O’Reilly, I was keen for the book to be released in both print form and under a free Creative Commons […]

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