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The Art of Community Comedy Photo Comp

Since I released The Art of Community, one thing has become evident: the people who are buying it are awesome. If you have bought it you are awesome. If you have not, you too can be awesome. This got my mind thinking. We should put a face to the names of these awesome people. Credit […]

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The Art of Community Now Available

After months of writing, editing, copy-editing, reviews and production, I am pleased to announce the general availability of The Art of Community! The book is printed and on its way to bookstores – it may take a few days for it to hit your local bookstore or regional online store. This is a book that […]

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Another Review Quote

Another rather nice quote to share, this time from Danese Cooper: “Jono Bacon’s The Art of Community is a wonderful meditation on building communities using modern infrastructure tools and practices gleaned from the Free and Open Source Software movement. Jono’s examples, taken from his work on Ubuntu, give a good picture of a working community […]

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Three More Reviews

Three more reviews of the book, added to the reviews page: “Jono Bacon has long been an insightful voice for open source community. Now his artful stories, distilling the ethos of organizing people and activities on the net, at conferences, and in our daily routines, provide a framework for successful, community building strategies”. — Pete […]

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Two More Reviews

Two more reviews of The Art Of Community. First from Mark Hinkle: “Communities are very complex ecosystems of human beings. Cultivating, growing, shaping and guiding the community to make them productive is definitely as much (or even more) art as science. In ‘The Art of Community’ Bacon does an excellent job explaining in detail the […]

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