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New Review

I am tickled pink to add this new review to the reviews page: “One thing that’s impressed me about Jono Bacon, something one can notice back when he and others were building a community around their pioneering Linux podcast, is that he simply gets the concept of community. It comes out in most everything he […]

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Two More Reviews

“The success of the open source software movement demonstrates that no obstacle is insurmountable when people come together around a shared vision. In The Art of Community, Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon gives readers a profound glimpse into his hands-on experience as the orchestrator of one of the movement’s most powerful communities. His book offers […]

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Art Of Community Reviews Galore!

Recently I have been sending The Art Of Community manuscript out to a number of people who are well respected in various communities to get there feedback on the completed book. With the content complete and the only changes being tiny typo fixes, now has been the idea time to gather this feedback. How was […]

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