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Community Leadership Summit 2011

Reposted from Thanks to Reid Beels for the photo. A few weeks ago was the Community Leadership Summit 2011 in beautiful Portland, Oregon. For those who are unfamiliar with the event, I started the CLS three years ago to be the central meeting place for those who are passionate about community leadership and management […]

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Article: Foreword from Andy Oram

Foreword to Conversation and Community By Andy Oram My writing colleague Anne Gentle wrote a book called Conversation and Community about how writers on projects could improve documentation and customer experiences by interacting with customers online as part of the work of developing learning materials. Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation was published […]

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In recent years Facebook has become a tremendous medium for social networking and community building. They have not only made it simple to articulate information about a person, but to also build groups, campaigns and more. It therefore seemed only reasonable to have an Art Of Community Facebook Page. Simply head over to the page, […]

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