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Second Edition Community Interviews: Mary Colvig, Mozilla

Joining Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux), Mike Shinoda (creator of Linkin Park), Tim O’Reilly (founder of O’Reilly Media), Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia), MÃ¥rten Mickos (former MySQL CEO, current Eucalyptus CEO), Mike Linksvayer (VP of Creative Commons), and Mark Bussler (founder of Classic Game Room), I am pleased to announce the next interview I will […]

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Community Meetings: Rock Not Ramble

I just had another article published on ZDNet. This one is called Community Meetings: Rock Not Ramble and talks about how to get the most out of online discussion meetings. It begins: At the heart of great communities is great communication. Different communities converse in very different ways. Some step out into the big blue […]

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Community Leadership Summit 2009 Update

A while back I announced the Community Leadership Summit 2009 in San Jose on the 18th and 19th July 2009. Well, I think it is time for lil’ update on what is shaping up to be a rocking event. The aim of the summit is get community managers, leaders and organizers together to discuss, debate […]

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Art Of Community hits

Just a quick update: O’Reilly has added the Art Of Community to their website. Nice! Do remember though that the cover shown on the website is not going to be the final cover!

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Team AoC: Ryan Paul (Ars Technica)

I am excited to announce another member of the team who is proof-reading the content that I am churning out in his general direction. His keen eye and expansive knowledge of Open Source is a positive influence on the book. Of course, it is Ryan Paul. Ryan is the editor of Ars Technica‘s open source […]

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