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Website Updates

This weekend I made a raft of updates to the website that I wanted to share. Video Updates – the main new addition is a page that collects together the video updates. There have been two video updates so far (there will be a third one this week), and you can see each video with […]

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Website Feedback Needed!

As we build to the launch of The Art Of Community, I am really keen to make the most out of I am excited about the opportunity of not only building the website into a more expansive information portal about the book, but to also provide discussion and facilities about community management, leadership and […]

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Server Migration Complete

Just a quick message to let you know that the server migration was completed last night and this should make for a more responsive Art Of Community website. Speaking of the website, more soon…

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Art Of Community Facebook Page Updated

Just a quick update to let you nice people know that the Art Of Community Facebook Page has been updated! Go and take a look and you are all welcome to join in the discussion there. We are getting a rather nice growing community there, but we can always be bigger. As such, I would […]

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Building Buzz

Today I had a quick call with Laurel from O’Reilly about the promotional work going into the book. It was a useful call, and O’Reilly are excited about the response to the book announcement and the community building around it. We talked through a range of different ideas for ways in which we can push […]

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