Bulk Orders

Many companies and organizations have purchased The Art of Community for their employees as a useful handbook for understanding communities and how to work with them. Feedback from these organizations has been very positive about the impact of the book on their employees.

There are various benefits for doing this:

  • Bulk Discounts – we have a range of discounting options with up to 50% (or potentially more) discounts on the list price of the book.
  • Personal Service – O’Reilly will handle your bulk order directly and can coordinate your specific needs, delivery details and more.
  • International Service – bulk orders of books can be coordinated for international shipping (O’Reilly will try to ensure these costs are lowered by shipping from your country).
  • Skills Transition – if you are company with an interest or investment in community, the book can act as a catalyst for skills acquisition and growth with the people you give the book to. With the book covering everything from strategic planning to the execution of community growth, the breadth of skills covered will be valuable for the recipients of the book and the company.
  • Learn From An AuthorityJono Bacon is a proven award-winning community manager and leader, so you can ensure that the content in the book that you are giving to your employees, conference attendees, or winners, is high quality and sourced from many years of active community management experience.
  • Great As a Prize or Gift – the Second Edition of the book is a meaty volume of content and makes a satisfying prize due to it’s level of content and thick nature. Also the build quality of the print edition makes the book feel like a nice prize.


If you would like to buy in bulk for your company or another event or organization (e.g. competition prizes, raffles etc), O’Reilly offers generous discounts:

Quantity Ordered    Discount
10 – 4940%
50 – 9945%
100 – 29950%
300 – 499Call/Email

If you would like to discuss a bulk order more, get a quote, or make an order, please email Leslie Crandell and she can help.

Consultancy, Speaking, and Training

Jono Bacon, the author of The Art of Community also offers consultancy, speaking, and training services. If you are interested in finding out more, email him at here.


Some testimonials from bulk purchasers:

It’s rare that you can talk about open source software without the word “community” being mentioned. After all, the power of open source comes from its participatory nature. But there is more to it than just pointing to download numbers and going “that’s my community”. “The Art of Community” is the closest thing we have to a users manual in building and maintaining of strong, robust communities. My project, OpenNMS, is over ten years old and wouldn’t exist without its community, but even we can find a lot to learn in this book. I bought a bunch of copies and handed them out at this year’s development conference. Whether it a new project or one that’s very mature, “The Art of Community” is a must read for anyone serious about open source software.

Tarus Balog — Founder, OpenNMS